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Oppose Poseidon Desalination Plant

For the past five years, I have strongly opposed Poseidon’s efforts to develop a desalination plant on our precious coast. Motivated by the potential to earn large profits, Poseidon and their team of lobbyists and investors have been relentless in doing whatever they deem necessary to be able to construct and operate desalination plants throughout the world. Their strategies have included pushing false narratives regarding their cost effectiveness, and deflecting from the reality of their environmental impact. The proposed facility in Huntington Beach is estimated to cost over one billion dollars, and reports on their Carlsbad facility (which is similar to the plant they want to develop in HB) have already demonstrated that their services lead to an increase in costs and are not fixed. Furthermore, we cannot ignore the negative environmental hazards that will impact our local ecosystems, including the high salinity concentration of brine that will be pumped back into the ocean. Additionally, desalination is not efficient and therefore requires high amounts of energy. With an estimated daily energy consumption equivalent to 35,000 homes, Poseidon will be purchasing credits from foregin countries like Ecuador.


Although water scarcity is a critical issue, it would be unwise to impose a “solution” that leads to greater inefficiencies and environmental degradation. We should instead seek alternative solutions to promote conservation and preservation. We know that in Orange County, the average water consumption per person per day is almost double California’s average. If we can continue educating members of our community about ways to reduce water consumption, and make efforts at the local level to improve water efficiency, we can make big strides in preserving one of our most precious resources.

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