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Housing and Homelessness

One of the most critical issues facing our community is access to affordable housing. Having adequate, secure, and reliable housing is one of our most basic human needs. Today, one in four Americans pay over 40% of their income on housing, causing enormous stress on families and leading to increases in homelessness. Two of my top priorities are to ensure that the new Navigation Center (opening November 2020) alleviates stressors of the chronically homeless population in the city and that we support policies that prevent homelessnes from happening in the first place. 


I support:

  • Collaborating with non-profit organizations to prioritize affordable housing for working class families, seniors, and veterans that already live in Huntington Beach. 

  • Rehabbing existing dwellings into affordable housing through grants via the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

  • Partnering with our local community college and school districts to help residents transition into market rate housing and/or homeownership via educational workshops covering topics such as increasing credit score, debt management, first-time home buyer, and budgeting. 

  • Legislation at the state level that would give our city more autonomy to govern mobile home parks locally. Mobile home parks are an affordable alternative to live in the city and many of our seniors on fixed incomes benefit from this. Mobile home parks should be protected from new developers and increased rents. 


I oppose:

  • High density development (HDD) and Opportunity Zones - they cause displacement of Huntington Beach residents, lead to rent increases, and threaten the integrity of our local community.

  • Density bonuses that incentivize and enable developers to increase project density while only being required to include a small amount of affordable units.

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