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The Environment

Although Huntington Beach was once a city whose economy relied heavily on oil production, the years when rigs and pumps dominated our shores are long gone. Today, we have a responsibility to ensure that the air we breathe, water we consume, open space we enjoy, and wildlife we see are protected and remain a top priority. While many environmental concerns are handled by state and regional agencies such as the California Coastal Commission, South Coast Air Quality Management District, Department of Toxic Substances, Orange County Water District, and the Santa Ana Regional Water Board, we as a city can also take initiative to prioritize policies that protect our environment, create sustainability for future generations, and preserve our open spaces throughout the city.


I support:

  • Working directly with state, federal, and local agencies to prioritize environmental protections and the implementation of an enforcement mechanism.  

  • Protecting our coast from polluting industries.

  • Community Choice Energy and switching to cleaner alternatives that also promote local autonomy. 

  • Preserving the Bolsa Chica Wetlands and expanding mitigation efforts.

  • Keeping our beaches clean, especially during the busy summer months, by increasing the amount of accessible waste bins and scheduling frequent pick-ups.


I oppose:

  • The Poseidon Desalination Project - it is too expensive, unsustainable and will increase water costs throughout the region. It will also negatively impact our wildlife and environment. Click here to read more about where I stand on this issue.

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