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Planning Commissioner

Non-Profit Leader

Community Organizer

Guided by three principles:


Oscar believes in the power of education. His experience with various local non-profits has helped him connect hundreds of Huntington Beach residents with free or reduced-cost services throughout Orange County. He will prioritize expanding access to city services while creating pathways to increase transparency, accountability and efficiency.


Advocating for change takes time but the outcome is worth it. Being an advocate is something Oscar has done for years. Starting with sitting on nonprofit and state agency boards, pushing polluting corporations to reduce their carbon footprint in local communities and advocating for families who are food insecure. 


Empowerment is the result of educating and advocating for the needs of our community. For years, empowerment is what taught Oscar the importance of being involved in civic duty. Oscar will push local policy that takes care of our residents and small businesses first, not special interests!

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Why Run for City Council?

As a child growing up in our city, Oscar's parents, just like thousands of Huntington Beach residents, worked multiple jobs to make ends meet.
Oscar grew up in the Oak View neighborhood, a community of working-class families, all living within a half square mile. This is where you’ll find our city’s trash transfer station, surrounded by densely occupied and blighted apartment buildings mostly managed by absentee property owners. It was not until he was in college that he started asking why his neighborhood was different from the rest of Huntington Beach.
In 2014, at the age of 20, Oscar attended his first city council meeting. He spoke in opposition of the uncovered 17-acre trash facility that was polluting his neighborhood. It was at this moment that he realized the power that elected officials hold: they have the ability to advance local policies and empower resident participation. The result of this advocacy was a $21 million settlement with the transfer station. $4 million would be used to build a brand new gym for children to enjoy, while protecting them from potential  hazardous elements. The best part of this is that it cost the taxpayers nothing.
Since then, Oscar has been involved in numerous efforts throughout our city. As your elected council-member, Oscar will work to ensure that our city’s budget reflects the needs of all residents, small businesses and visitors as they fuel our local economy. Oscar’s campaign came close to earning a seat in 2020 as his team proved that grassroots volunteers and small donor contributions can pave the way for future change-makers.
Please join Oscar’s campaign for Huntington Beach City Council this November as this is our shared journey.

Interested in learning more about me? Click here!

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