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Planning Commissioner, Non-Profit Leader, and Community Organizer 


Education is key to make lasting change. For years, Oscar has been an advocate for education, Whether that be educating community members on how to apply for college, file complaints with local, state and federal agencies, or teaching individuals about their immigration and housing rights. 


Advocating for change takes time but the outcome is worth it. Being an advocate is something Oscar has done for years. Starting with sitting on nonprofit and state agency boards, pushing polluting corporations to reduce their carbon footprint in local communities, advocating for tenant protections and tenant rights. 


Empowerment is the result of educating and advocating for the needs of our community. For years, empowerment is what taught Oscar the importance of being involved in civic duty. Oscar will push local policy that takes care of our residents and small businesses first., not special interests.



Growing up in the Oak View neighborhood, accepting the surroundings "as is", was business as usual at city hall. Thousands of families across our city who live in socioeconomically disadvantaged

areas live in substandard living conditions and city hall has finally paid attention.  

In 2015, while in college, Oscar co-founded a community group that began asking "why?"


  • Why was an uncovered trash facility allowed to grow from 2 acres to 17 acres without much resident input? 

  • Why was our city spending hundreds of thousands of dollars in special code enforcement while apartments buildings were not up to code?

Change doesn't happen over night, what is your "why?". Join us and be part of a movement that puts residents of Huntington Beach at the forefront, not special interests.